Painting a Puppet Theater for Work/School

So many years ago I painted a puppet theater for a teacher at my kid’s school. As with most things the puppet theater wasn’t used always or even every year. So one year a person who cleaning out storage decided that since she hadn’t seen it used she made the decision to throw it away! Didn’t ask anyone and there’s my name on it and the teacher’s. Needless to say I’m still a bit miffed by that. I had one of my sons, Paul, help me out to build a new one several years ago and used it unpainted for summer art & crafts camps I did at the time. Finally ready to paint this up and make it more secure for more chaos at the school. A oneĀ  room summer camp is easy to manage.

Up to this point I’m still drawing with gray paint to place some basic ideas. (all subject to change at the whim of a brush)

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